TERMS & CONDITIONS Isn’t being Directly Authorised very burdensome?  ‘Yes’ and ‘no’ - and it all depends on attitude and an appreciation of the importance of compliance to your business.  Becoming Directly Authorised is more than simply becoming a ‘member’ of a trading body - you’re signing up to comply with a set of requirements that affect all aspects of your business, even the non-regulated side to a degree.  So although good compliance is grounded on common sense, honesty, and diligent, effective record-keeping - you or someone within your firm will need to be conscious of the responsibility that comes with being Directly Authorised.  Joining a ‘Network’ instead:  Although this can be seen as an ideal solution for those who don’t want to have to be Directly Authorised - the Network have their obligations to ensure that having your firm under their wing is not going to cost them their licence.  This normally translates into their own ‘compliance regime’ - which is often more burdensome than going it alone, as they have to build in a large margin of error.  The following quote summarises the situation well:  “At the start it all seemed quite onerous and daunting - but over time and with some professional support, it’s now almost second nature, built into the way we do things every day, and boils down to common sense, a genuine concern for client welfare, and having in place systems and records to prove your side, should things go wrong.” 01604 76 22 33 AT NO POINT ARE OUTCOMES GUARANTEED, AS ALL DECISIONS ARE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE FCA REGULATORY PERMISSIONS LIMITED - Companies House No.8194096, Registered in England & Wales