TERMS & CONDITIONS What’s so special about your service?  For Authorisations  We will translate an intensive part-day interview and subsequent correspondence via phone and e-mail into a fully-developed Authorisation Application, including a Regulatory Business Plan.  You won’t have to grapple with what the whole process is about, nor with what is required of you to do and to provide - we will walk you through and as much as possible handle every single step - up to your actually being Authorised (and beyond, if you wished).  For Variations of Permission, Passporting or Cancellations  With these areas, you will by definition have some familiarity with the world of Authorised business.  Even though, the above events are only likely to occur rarely for most firms, if at all.  We will again take the headache away from you.  Simply tell us what you are trying to achieve in plain language, and we will translate this into the required regulatory actions - or indeed inform you that no action is in fact required.  Probably unique expertise  My personal experience at the FSA (now FCA) spans almost a decade, with the bulk of this spent in the Permissions departments.  As an Associate, I was final arbiter on those cases within my charge.  I left with extensive knowledge of what the FSA/FCA is looking for - and looking out for - when assessing an Application, as well as how firms are 'profiled' - making for different approaches and emphases when examining an Application. 01604 76 22 33 AT NO POINT ARE OUTCOMES GUARANTEED, AS ALL DECISIONS ARE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE FCA REGULATORY PERMISSIONS LIMITED - Companies House No.8194096, Registered in England & Wales