TERMS & CONDITIONS What about Compliance Manuals & ongoing Compliance?  We will provide everything you should normally need in order to become Authorised, and to be compliant upon the moment of Authorisation, including a Compliance Monitoring Programme tailored to your business.  Paper compliance manuals are a thing of the past, given how one new Instrument or Amendment can require wholesale revision.  Instead, the self-updating online FCA Handbook represents your source of information and guidance for your firm type, and we will provide basic tailored guidance and navigation assistance.  Beyond Authorisation, larger firms would be well advised to retain professional help when it comes to managing their compliance issues, staying up-to-date with FCA regulations, rules, guidance and requirements - and periodic ‘testing’ - e.g. Systems and  Controls,  Anti-Money Laundering procedures, record-keeping, mock visits if need be.  The amount you will need to spend on ongoing compliance support will be directly proportional to your firm size, complexity, and areas of regulated activity undertaken.  The DIY Approach  For the smaller firm confident of its commitment to maintaining its own compliance set-up, we can provide an intensive DIY training programme.  This is where we are hired for two full days a month, for three months post-Authorisation, with the goal at the end to leave you fully set up and able to manage your own compliance - you shouldn’t have to spend any further money on compliance.  The programme focuses on capacity-building, where you will be left familiar with all those resources available to you both within the FCA (as a Member Firm) and outside, and how and where the FCA Handbook applies to your business.   Please call us to find out more. 01604 76 22 33 AT NO POINT ARE OUTCOMES GUARANTEED, AS ALL DECISIONS ARE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE FCA REGULATORY PERMISSIONS LIMITED - Companies House No.8194096, Registered in England & Wales