1) NO GUARANTEES OF OUTCOME  No guarantees can be offered as to whether or not your Application will be approved, as all cases are decided on their own individual merits/demerits, and the final decision always rests solely with the FCA  2) YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FCA  At all times, the only relationship that is or will be recognised by the FCA is that between the Applicant Firm and the FCA. No formal relationship exists or can exist between the FCA and ourselves  3) CORRESPONDING WITH THE FCA DURING THE APPLICATION PROCESS  The FCA will normally wish to communicate directly with the Applicant Firm, with us copied in.  Where you receive a query from the FCA, & where it would not be appropriate for us to reply on your behalf, we will where required or preferred derive and formulate a response for you to issue yourself.  Often of course this will entail our consulting yourselves and other relevant parties - e.g. your accountant.  Ultimately therefore - we will handle all queries for you, whether directly or indirectly.  You are also advised to forward to us all relevant correspondence that occurs between yourselves and the FCA  4) WHAT THE FEE COVERS  The fee you pay to us covers the service, time and effort required to take your firm from a state of not being Authorised by the FCA, to one of being Authorised by the FCA, subject to Clause 1 above.  Up to 200 miles of road travel (from and to Northampton) for the initial meeting is covered by the agreed fee – thereafter 50p/mile will have to be charged, unless waived by us   5) WHAT THE FEE DOES NOT COVER  The actual Application Fee as levied by the FCA, which you will have to pay at the same time as submission of your Application, will not be covered by the agreed fee;  Any excess travel miles as defined in Clause 4), above, are also not covered by the agreed fee  6) PAYMENT TERMS – MONEY-BACKED ASSURANCE OF OUTCOME  75% of the Agreed Fee is to be paid up-front, and is non-refundable.  The remaining 25% is to be paid upon successful completion of the Application – i.e. immediately upon your Firm becoming Authorised to conduct the correctly-requested regulated activities, or the Variation, Passport or Cancellation application being granted.  Where an Application is not successful, the latter half of the payment will not be demanded – EXCEPT where absolute and total disclosure has not occurred to us of all even remotely-relevant information, especially information that could at all be deemed in any way deleterious to the Application, and whether or not that information in the event had a bearing on the Application’s failure REGULATORY PERMISSIONS LIMITED - Companies House No.8194096, Registered in England & Wales